Pre-Telegraphic Era Project Proposal

To: Professor Ryan Lizardi & Students in IDT 507 
From: JoAnna Niles
Date: 9/8/19
Subject: Module 2: Pre-Telegraphic Era Project Proposal

This memo will discuss design goals for Module 2: Pre-Telegraphic Era


How music and song were provided as a form of communication for African slaves in the Pre-Telegraphic era.  


This project is intended for use by students and instructors of the IDT 507 Information Technologies course.  


This project will be used with the WordPress blogging platform. The sharable link can be found here:

Music and Song as Communication


The blog post will provide an introduction to the topic of music being used as a form of communication by African slaves. It will illustrate how they were able to use this artform and the impact they still play in the African American community today.

Rough Mockup:

The first topic will provide information about slaves expressing the struggles of slavery through song. The second point will provide information on expressing the hope of freedom through song by the way of escape through the underground railroad. The last section may include video or audio examples of these songs now referred to as “African American Spirituals”.

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