Electronics Project Proposal

To: Professor Ryan Lizardi & Students in IDT 507
From: JoAnna Niles
Date: 9/29/19
Subject: Module 2: Electronics Project Proposal

This memo will discuss design goals for Module 3: Electronics


For this module, I want to share how television broadcasting in the 1960s impacted people in the US on a cultural level.


This project is intended for use by students and instructors of the IDT 507 Information Technologies course and students interested in communications.


This project will be used with the WordPress blogging platform with a sharable link.


The blog post will provide an introduction to television broadcasting and how the television was used in the home.

Theoretical Model

I’ll share how the Uses and gratifications theory and Affordance Theories relate to this topic

Rough Mockup

From politics to war, and civil rights a lot of social change happened in the 1960s. I plan to briefly write about each of these topics and how the involvement of television broadcasting affected viewers. I will start with an overview of the topic, how the television was used in the home for entertainment, current events and how broadcasting these specific events affected society to eventually bring change to the country.

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