Electronics Final Memo

To: Professor Ryan Lizardi
From: JoAnna Niles
Date: October 13, 2019
Re: Module 3: Electronics Final Memo


For this module, the feedback from my peers had me rethink some of the considerations from the Electronics Project Proposal. In this memo, I will discuss how I arrived at a final design.


The objective of this blog post is to discuss how television broadcast impacted Social Changes in America. My blogpost contains details about the “golden era” of television broadcasting and how it switched from traditional media to bring include different genres. It includes some video clips of different television broadcasts, mainly from the 1960s and how these events changed some perspective and brought about social changes in the nation.

Target Audience

This project is intended for use by students and instructors of the IDT 507 Information Technologies course and students interested in communications.


I continued to use the WordPress blogging platform for this project and embedded YouTube videos to help support my theory.

Design Considerations

As with Module 2, I chose to do a blog post. I initially wanted to include a personal “reaction” video from Youtube but opted out due to a lack of reliable editing software. After feedback from my peers, instead of including multiple topics of war, civil rights, & politics I focused on one.

Design Challenges

This time around I had to essentially start from scratch as I switched to a self-hosted domain. I had a lot of issues using the free wordpress.com platform and switched to the wordpress.org since I already had a domain that wasn’t being used. The process to migrate old content wasn’t difficult, but it was tedious reformatting things that were done two months prior.

I also had some issues narrowing down which topic to include in my post. While there were many events that happened in the Civil Rights Era in various parts of the US, I decided to include an event that had a huge impact bringing the attention to not only families but the President and other political leaders in the country. 

References Used

Selma, “Bloody Sunday,” and the Most Important TV Newsfilm of the 20th Century (2015, March 10). http://blog.commarts.wisc.edu Project. Retrieved October 9, 2019.


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